Fruits, vegetables and sunshine

Fruits, vegetables and herbs must be fed every day. These are ideal sources of natural vitamins and minerals needed by us. In addition, greenery and vegetables contain a lot of beta carotene and even some of the amount of essential brain of fat, docosahexaenoic acid. Fruits and vegetables are needed to maintain acid-base balance in the body.

In chlorophyll a lot of magnesium. Magnesium for chlorophyll has the same meaning as hemoglobin for blood, – he is the main oxygen carrier. In the human body, magnesium acts as an anchor, which holds in the membranes of all cells the substance that is the main source of energy. This is magnesium adenosine triphosphate, or magnesium ATP. When water reaches the magnesium ATP repository and under the influence of enzymes begins to split its molecules, a large amount of energy is released – with the formula of this reaction you have already met

Sunlight. For asthmatics, sunlight is a medicine. The sun’s rays affect cholesterol deposits in the skin and convert them into vitamin D, which contributes to the formation of bones and the maintenance of calcium in them, which helps to grow the body in childhood. In addition, vitamin D stimulates absorption of calcium by the intestinal tract. Calcium has a direct neutralizing effect on the acid contained in the body and effectively regulates the acid-base balance of cells, which ultimately helps to prevent asthma complications

If you drink enough water daily, take the necessary amount of salt and provide the body with a good physical activity (mostly in the fresh air and under the bright sun), then it will begin to adjust its needs in protein, carbohydrates and fats in accordance with the amount of energy used. Your need for proteins will increase, the need for carbohydrates will decrease, and fat burning enzymes will begin to process more fat than it contains in the diet. Contrary to the idea that cholesterol deposits can not be involved in the metabolism process, from these stocks, too, you can gradually get rid of. The process of cleaning the arteries from cholesterol deposits may take longer than you would like, but the body’s arsenal has all the necessary chemical technology to remove cholesterol plaques.

Again, I repeat that there is no “bad” cholesterol. As you remember, cholesterol is extremely necessary for many physiological functions. We still have to find out for what reasons the body begins to produce it more than usual. When the body lacks water, it produces less hydroelectric energy to activate all energy-intensive functions.